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Greetings, New Grads and Friends,

As your incoming 2013–2014 president of the Emory Alumni Board and a 1985 graduate of Emory College, I am honored to represent our diverse alumni body of 118,000 talented, creative, and innovative individuals. Your Emory Alumni Board is designed to represent your interests at the university level, develop and share policy, and oversee the activities of the Emory Alumni Association. My work on the Emory Alumni Board allows me to stay engaged with the university and to lend an alumni voice and leadership to the challenges that Emory faces today.

Why do I give back to my university? Like you, I was blessed with the support of many Emory mentors and role models. Now, to honor and recognize those who believed in me and encouraged me all those years ago, I continue to give volunteer hours and financial support to Emory in a meaningful way.

No matter where you live in the world, Emory offers opportunities for engagement. In addition to my Emory Alumni Board role, I am pleased to interact with many alumni as cochair of the Emory Alumni Chapter in Chicago. Whether you become involved in chapter activities, career mentoring, volunteering, or educational enrichment, our board’s mission is to facilitate your lifelong connection to Emory.

I can tell you that the rewards of involvement are immeasurable. Please join me in taking an active role in deepening your Emory connection.

[emdash]Laura Durudogan 85C, Incoming President, Emory Alumni Board

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