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Sarah Cook

The start of a new year is always so refreshing. We’ve seen great change in our Emory community in the past year and drawn to the forefront important conversations about community and inclusivity. Around the world, Emory alumni undertake meaningful endeavors that produce business achievements; celebrate the arts, culture, and education; provide better living conditions and health options; and influence the global economy. The range of activities we engage in and the many roles we assume symbolize the strength of your Emory network. 

The Emory Alumni Association presents each of you with the opportunity in 2016 to tap into the power of this well-connected and vibrant network. This year, resolve to take advantage of this by updating your business and personal contact information, reaching out to fellow alumni, joining the Emory Career Network, engaging with fellow alumni on the Emory Alumni LinkedIn group, participating in the Alumni Admission Network, volunteering to host a student intern at your workplace, attending a local alumni event, or giving to a student scholarship or academic program.

In 2016, we are poised to magnify the growing power of the Emory network. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

P.S.—Be sure to participate in the upcoming all-alumni survey coming your way in February

[emdash]Sarah Craven Cook 95C, Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

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