Don't Worry, Eat Happy

Mindy Kobrin 93C has taken a passion for healthy eating and years of expertise in orchestrating high-end events to create “Don’t Worry, Eat Happy,” a program to encourage children and their families to make cooking and sharing good food a natural part of everyday life.

Through her Winter Park, Florida–based company—Mindy’s Meals on Heels—Kobrin works with individuals, families, schools, and organizations to help spread the message of quality food and cooking for children to carry into adulthood and pass on to the next generation.

“Kids deserve to have access to healthy food, to learn what eating the rainbow means, and to have a hands-on positive experience with owning what they make at mealtime. With that knowledge and ease of use, kids will be equipped with a skill set to take pride in eating well and to carry on from one generation to the next. Our children will be the future ambassadors of health and wellness,” Kobrin says.

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