EAA Strategy: What You Said

Alumni survey helped shape EAA vision

Last year, the Emory Alumni Association embarked on an ambitious effort to update and refine its strategic vision. Of course, such a process would not be complete without a survey of our alumni to see how we’re doing. Here are a few highlights from the survey. 

1. In general, how satisfied are you with the job that the Emory Alumni Association is doing at serving your needs and interests as an Emory alumna/alumnus?

  • 45% Satisfied to very satisfied
  • 39% Neutral
  • 7% Dissatisfied to very dissatisfied
  • 9% Don’t know

2. How satisfied are you with the amount of communication you receive from Emory?

  • 67% Satisfied to very satisfied
  • 23% Neutral
  • 10% Dissatisfied to very dissatisfied

3. What sort of news and information do alumni want? Top five topics:

  • Alumni accomplishments
  • Career or professional development
  • Emory initiatives around the world
  • Emory faculty research and achievements
  • My school news and activities

4. Just over half of alumni surveyed have visited the EAA online. Here’s why:

  • 21% To register for an event
  • 20% To read Emory news
  • 14% To access the online directory
  • 13% To search for Emory activities
  • 9% To access information about alumni career services
  • 8% To find reunion information
  • 7% To find alumni benefits and services
  • 6% To make an online gift
  • 3% To find ways to get involved/volunteer
  • 2% To research Emory travel program trips

5. The benefits and services alumni want most, in order of preference:

  • Library access
  • Arts discounts
  • Faculty lectures
  • Educational enrichment
  • Online job posting
  • Online career resources
  • Online directory
  • Networking events
  • Reunions
  • Online career networking
  • Career coaching
  • Hotel discounts
  • Volunteer service
  • Career ed programs
  • Social networking
  • Awards
  • Career newsletter
  • Discount merchandise
  • Free transcripts
  • Chapter leadership
  • Travel
  • Career fairs
  • Online faculty
  • Career assessments
  • U. Club
  • Emory branded merchandise

6. Continuing education? Your favorite subjects:

  • Hobby/personal enrichment
  • Financial management/financial planning
  • Arts appreciation
  • Business skills/management skills
  • Theater/music appreciation

EAA Goals (2010―2013)

Highlights from the EAA’s new strategic plan

The alumni and student survey results helped the EAA leadership develop five key goals for the next three years.

  1. Establish the EAA as a destination for alumni career services
  2. Enhance communications to be more strategic and targeted
  3. Connect alumni in more meaningful and effective ways, no matter where they live
  4. Increase educational enrichment and lifelong learning opportunities
  5. Strengthen the student-to-alumni experience
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