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Sarah Cook

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Dear friends,

We all experience moments of sheer joy in our accomplishments. The journey toward those special achievements requires persistence, imagination, and compromise. As our 1997 Emory Medalist H. Jackson Brown 63C advised in Life’s Little Instruction Book, “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”

At Emory, you came together as one student body, sharing cultural traditions and creating new ones to experience together. You compared your separate dreams and joined forces to envision a richer life. Now, as alumni of Emory, after graduation you are all presented with limitless opportunities to fulfill those visions for personal and professional success.

What dreams do you seek to achieve now? What inspirational story will you share with your world?

Look to your Emory roots, to your shared college years, and translate those memorable moments with friends into new experiences as alumni who come together to socialize, network, mentor, and share. Join your regional alumni chapter, and get involved. Invest in building your Emory network, and give of yourself to get something greater in return. Connect today, and you just may help a fellow graduate to achieve his or her dreams.


[emdash]Sarah Cook 95C, Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

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