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The autumn leaves are changing, and Emory’s campus is buzzing with excitement as the academic year begins. We are embarking on a new season of caring here at Emory.  Our alumni are sharing that tradition in their communities as we approach our twelfth-annual Emory Cares International Service Day on November 8, in partnership with Volunteer Emory. Under the banner of “The Spirit of Community,” this year Emory Cares embraces the theme of social justice. 

Emory’s eighth president Atticus Haygood said, “Let us stand by what is good . . . and try to make it better.” This phrase has become a touchstone for many of us as we extend comfort and care to others. Making “good” better has also become a guiding force for our Emory thought leaders who draw reference from our shared history, challenge the convention of our everyday lives, and pave the way for innovative thinking, advances in medical care, and social justice. In the recent “Local Roots to Global Impact” at the new Center for Civil and Human Rights, we were reminded that positive change can begin in the efforts of a single individual. One change for the better can lead to two, which can lead to a shared habit, which, in turn, can quickly become a community effort. Doing good catches on.

Emory alumni share a unity of spirit rooted in human connection. As our beloved former Dean of Alumni Judson C. “Jake” Ward Jr. 33C 36G once said, “Spirit is what endures, both for individuals as well as for institutions.” Please embrace that enduring Emory tradition of “making good better” this Emory Cares International Service Day and register to participate in a service project today.

Sarah Cook 95C, Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

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