Elizabeth Sholtys holding one of her adoptees Cover Story

Brave Hearts

What do you get when you combine ten Indian street children, a couple of Emory alumni, and astonishing determination? Elizabeth Sholtys 07C answers: a home.

Story by Robbie Brown 07C

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Of Note Rabbi Rothschild with Martin Luther King Jr.
Features Emory campus with Atlanta city skyline

The Courage to Leap

After years of planning, Emory publicly launched the $1.6 billion Campaign Emory, designed to fuel the University’s goal of creating positive transformation in the world.

Cletis Allen, Keith Klugman, Charles Ackerman, Barbara Stoll, Marshall Duke, and Crystal Edmonson

Giving All Scholars the Chance to Succeed

Curbing the Leading Killer of Children

Sharing a Spirit of Adventure

Helping Children Grow into Healthy Adults

The Power of Connection

A Message from Crystal Edmonson 95C

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Portrait of Dennis Liotta

Good Chemistry

Emory’s Dennis Liotta strives to give African scientists not just the funding and medicines they need to fight disease, but the tools to make their own.

Tod and Trevor Ellison at home

How to Save a Life

Related donors offer the best chance for children who need kidney transplants to live normal, active lives. Three families, and a team of alumni transplant surgeons, share their stories.

Bonus Slideshow

Jalen Fields with his father

How to Save a Life

Meet three families whose children have much better chances of healthy, active lives after receiving kidney donations from relatives. View the slideshow


Heroes Among Us

Mike Turner and I were born in the same Tennessee town, nine days apart. We were friends as children, attending each other’s birthday parties and once, briefly, pledging our eternal love before becoming distracted by a dog on the playground. Even as a kid, Mike was always drawing.



Cover of summer 2008 issue

From our readers

“Your article handled what could be a cold and morbid topic with such warmth and care.” —Betty Rackley, Fort Valley, Georgia

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Homecoming 2008

Dooley imitating his statue's pose

Double Trouble

The familiar phrase “Dooley goes on forever” took on new meaning during Homecoming Weekend when the statue of Emory’s Lord of Misrule, created by sculptor Matthew Palmer, was unveiled. Photo by Ann Borden. More

Register President Wagner driving Dooley in the Homecoming parade

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